New Holland Switch Assembly for ladder on combines and lights on foragers and balers for the following models.  Balers RB125, BB1270R, BB1290R, BB870R, BB890R & BB1290RC.  Foragers FR450, FR480, FR500, FR550, FR600, FR650, FR780, FR850 & FR920. Combines CL6060, CL560, CL6060, CS520, CS540, CS640, CS660, CS660, CS6050, CS6060, CS6060H, CS6070, CS6080, CS6090, CSX7040, CSX7050, CSX7060, CSX7070, CSX7080, TC5040, TC5060, TC5070, TC5080 & TC5080H. From Jan 2003 to Jan 2018.


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New Holland Switch Assembly

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